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Investing with
The Power of Two


Investing with
The Power of Two

As A Firm

Cambridge RE Partners prides itself on being the trusted partner for institutions, family offices, high net worth investors in respect of investment in real estate. When you partner with Cambridge RE Partners, you gain access to our team’s extensive track record, deep industry experience, and unwavering commitment to decisive execution. With decades of know-how in private and public real estate investments and asset management, we provide unparalleled expertise to guide you towards sustainable and profitable investment opportunities.

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Shaping Our Values

We look at all investments through the lens
of creating a legacy for our stakeholders.
We maintain strict discipline in our investments and focus on delivering stable income streams for our investors with risk mitigation strategies

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Our Rationale

Well established due diligence process allowing for successful execution of deals.


Where we are focused in


South East Asia

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