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How We Work

Our Investment Rationale

Our well-established due diligence process allowing for successful execution of deals, with thoughtful analysis, strategic partnerships, and established professionals driving success.

Our Process
Strong virtue & Strong returns

Originating transactions based on clear conviction of investment themesand objectives

Risk Management

Rigorous due diligence process adhered to, with risk mitigation practices put in place to protect the interests of investors


Prompt and precise execution by management team with a proven institutional track record 

Risk Management
Long Term Revenue Visibility
  • Typical leases of 10-30 years with Institutional-level lease structures.

  • Strong tenant covenants backed by large reputable local or multi-national tenants.

Defensiveness of Asset Class
  • Tenants are typically in sectors which have low volatility regardless of market conditions (e.g. education and healthcare); or

  • Thematic in line with systemic changes to global economy (e.g., renewables).

Deep Experience and Strong Partnerships
  • Management team’s decades’ worth of experience in developing, acquiring and managing institutional-grade real estate in South-East Asia and Australia.

  • Management team’s deep network with global operators and local land-owners, giving us access to unique and off-market opportunities.

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