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Cambridge is committed to delivering long-term value to our investors and stakeholders, providing them with an opportunity to invest in high quality social infrastructure assets and renewable projects through our Funds. 


Our responsibility as a Fund Manager provides unique asset and project offerings to investors after conducting in-depth analysis and due diligence.  

Cambridge Social Infrastructure Fund

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Cambridge Social Infrastructure Fund (“CSIF”) is a pure play education real estate fund investing in Australia. It adheres to a strict investment mandate for the Fund, investing in universities, K-12 schools and student accommodations. The Fund currently consists of two education assets amounting to an AUM of AUD 216 million. 

Investments in Renewable Projects


Cambridge is focused on investing in high quality renewable projects in Australia through its Australian arm Cambridge JMD Australia Pty Ltd. By leveraging the country's abundant natural resources, we aim to contribute to its clean energy targets while creating economic opportunities. Our strategy prioritizes scalability and long-term viability, ensuring both environmental benefits and energy security for communities. Through these investments, we are driving the transition towards a more sustainable energy landscape in Australia.

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