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Who We Are


About Us

Cambridge RE Partners is a Singapore-based fund manager helping to build a better future through our investments in our twin core convictions of (1) renewable energy and (2) defensive real estate in the Asia Pacific region. We view every investment through the lens of sustainability and environmental responsibility, in order to future-proof our portfolios.


We hold a Capital Markets Licence (Fund Management) issued by the Monetary Authority of Singapore to carry out fund management activities for accredited and institutional investors.

Solutions-based approach

Making a difference means going where opportunities exist today, to build the future we desire tomorrow. This means taking a solutions-based approach to investing in new economy real estate opportunities in a range of future-ready industries like education, healthcare, logistics and renewables.


Applying our thematic strategy also means investing in great companies and assets leased to great companies. To that end, we believe that a company should care about its stakeholders, customers, suppliers and employees. After all, every organisation is only as good as the people who work in and with it.

Extensive Track Record

When you work with Cambridge RE Partners, you benefit from our team’s extensive track record, deep experience, decisive execution and decades of know-how in private & public investments, asset enhancement and asset management.

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Through our strategic thinking and focused application of expertise, we fulfil our mission of building better financial futures for all of us through our investments.


Where we are focused in


South East Asia

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